Saturday, August 8, 2009

Back to the Bandits!

What a week! Back from Japan Monday, OKC Tuesday, Round Rock Wednesday, Shrevport Thursday, and now back with the Bandits for the weekend!

What a game tonight... it was a battle. A type of win you don't ideally like but a win is a Win!

We pulled it out 5-4 against Akron. It is great being back and catching up with my teammates. They have been having an awesome season! I have to brag on them, 1st in the league as of now! We have 2 more games against Akron, then a 5 game series against Rockford, and the playoffs in Akron to finish up the season. To follow or attend check out
Looking forward to a action packed couple of weeks. Its good to put back on the pants(I love wearing pants to play, they are so sharp) and orange & black!

We had a blast reuniting as a family spending a short (very short) couple of days together! Ace is so sweet! Its such a blast being together all 3 of us! We enjoyed getting to watch some of Casey's games. He was the Astros Organization's Pitcher of the month this month! We are so very proud of him and all his hard work. He is having a great season and its so fun being there watching him pitch. Ace still is enthralled with going into the clubhouse. Now he asks throughout the game if they are winning of losing to find out if he is able to go! W's are the golden ticket. Its so funny, he gets so upset and is so confused if and why they lose sometimes! Its too cute.

Flying to Round Rock below, having fun with his daddy on the plane!

Ace and I were able to sneak away to the OKC zoo too for a quick trip! So much fun! I just can't get enough of my little guy. He was mimicking the gorilla below! We had a blast!

I went to Shrevport to attend a USFA tournament for Mizuno. I was able to meet some adorable young softballers and some great people. Even get in some snapper and stuffed shrimp! It was delish! Oh the south!

Looking forward to another game tomorrow night here in Elgin vs Akron.

It was fun seeing my girls even though they are our opponents now with Akron... they are still my girls, Jenny Topping (My Top) and Crystl Bustos (My Boo)! Much more fun seeing them off the field and out of uniform, then in. But its always good to see friends, these girls have a special place within me. We missed them not playing USA ball this summer. This league the NPF, is full of talent. SO many great players, great competition every single game!

Dreaming & Believing,


Bianca said...

Welcome HOME!

Congrats on the W :)

JB said...

Pitcher of the month! Good for him. Does he get special help at all from Nolan Ryan?

All of your travel sounds exciting. It's nice to be able to have the whole family together.

kaishimama said...

Very hard every day is spent though it returns to the United States.
I think that it doesn't last long though I also started the blog. How serious work.
The photograph of Japan Cup was put on my blog as the extra chapter.
It sees when there is time.

Tori said...

Hey Jennie!,
I wanted to ask you a question, but i didnt know if you looked at your comments. My team and I are going to play for Americas Team and I guess we go to Italy and play against other teams from other countries. I wonderd what it was like to play softball in other countries? Good luck with all other travels!

Just A Fan,

Kelly said...

you were very sweet to take a picture with me at the Express game tonight! I teach in Pflugerville. Maybe our boys could play together while you are in town sometime!?

Anonymous said...

ok...i admit i have gotten so caught up in the twitter craze i have neglected your blog! But coming on here and catching up on everything and seeing your adorable Ace pics just brings a smile to my heart. I am gonna try to see if i can make it down to Elgin for one of the final games. Would LOVE to get to see you! Keep that winning coming! Blessings!

xoxo Trisha :)