Tuesday, February 3, 2009

So Cal Camp

Lots of fun this weekend. Our first camp in pretty much my back yard! It was pretty amazing! The fields it took place on, we all have spent many many weekends there! It was great to be back and to have it filled with eager excited softball players for camp. It took me back to those days of 6 am warmups and long weekends in the sun! It was a blast! I want to thank all of my teammates that came out to help along with all of my family who gave up the weekend to help us out! We are so appreciative and grateful! Of course thanks to all the campers and families for joining in on our 2 day fun filled experience!

On Sunday, we had a special treat! Natalie Buchoz came out to join us! Natalie is an amazing girl, who has had an incredibly tough year. She was in a horrible skiing accident a little over year ago, she broke her neck in 2 places and much more. You can follow her and her journey at www.caringbridge.com Natalie Buchoz. She is on her way to making a full recovery! She is in courageous rehab at Operation Walk. Thanks to some incredibly generous people we were able to help raise a month of rehab for her! It was great to finally meet her, she spoke to the girls reminicing about her days on that same field a little more than a year ago. Thanks Natalie for coming out and keep your amazing spirit! We all know you can do it! Keep it up!

Here are some fun pictures from the weekend!

Laura Berg, the only USA softball 4 time Olympian, shouting! Teaching the girls her mad outfield skills!
Campers stretching out!
Showing off their autographed softball... I love this picture!
Won't miss a thing with this glove!
My dad, intensely talking pitching!
Andrea "Dre" Duran, teaching baserunning She got the most votes for most fun station!
Bustos signing an autograph!
Tasha, Berg, and I chalk talking it with the girls!


Having fun, getting warm!
Sharing medals, best part of having them!
Bustos talking shop!

As you can see we had some fun! Its tough to label it a camp, its an experience! Thank you to my sponsors and camp sponsors, without your dedication and help this could not be possible. Thank you for giving these girls such a Big League Experience!

Thanks to Mission Viejo High School, the city of Mission Viejo, my teammates, Biola University Softball, my family, all the volunteers, parents, and most of all the future of our sport, you campers!

Keep dreaming & believing!


Rake said...

We need some of that sunshine here in Georgia. It looks as if you had a good crowd.

Our daughter has try-outs this saturday (8-Under).

I think that glove would help a lot of young girls catch a few more balls.

jessica brazil said...

all that stars shinning on the field it's so amazing. keep going helping that talent girls. you're so fabulous. kisses

skittle addict said...

wow it looks like you had a crazy amount of fun and talent. Doesn't look much like a camp, but an experiance and ur right. I would have loved to see all that talent...maybe one day. All the best to you and your loved ones. :D

Anonymous said...

o my goodness!! i still have my pink shirt and the shirt we got from you guys when i went!! i had so much fun and didnt what to go home!! god bless

softball rulez said...

hey jennie, your a great role model, ur my idol, its great knowing what your doing. I'd like to come to one of your camps, if i lived in the states, hopefully you come dwn to toronto ontario some day