Monday, February 23, 2009

Bull Riding & Preschool

Last night the boys had a guys night out! PBR, Professional Bull Riders Event! They had a blast! They had front row seats right by the gate! Casey said Ace was in AWE! He loves watching bull riding on TV! I can't wait to take him to Rodeo's! He loves it! Casey said they even were splattered with Bull Poop, that's how close they were. He called at the start and said Ace had his own Dr. Pepper, Churro, Popcorn, Licorice, and a Burrito! I highly doubt the burrito was eaten! They had some fun! They came home all fired up, I think Ace went to bed on a bull. They were playing rodeo all night long! He even had a pretend rope! He has his whole ride down even one hand in the air. So much fun!

I had a signing in St Louis this past weekend, I took Ace along! It was a fun one day trip! Ace usually says he wants to go with me while crying as I leave... of course the time I decide to take him he says he wants daddy the whole time. He went to bed in St. Louis saying he wanted to go home. It ended up being a good trip after all. Great to meet the people in St. Louis, thank you for coming out! I look over on the plane ride home and Ace is out, snoozing, laying on his tray table. Too cute!

Tomorrow we are taking Ace to his first day of preschool!!! He is so big! Just crazy... we've visited the place I think 4 times in the last week! He asked to go last week after story time at the library. So I thought, well maybe he is ready. We will see tomorrow! Casey got him a back pack he was wearing it around tonight, ready to go. We have been hyping it up, puzzles, paint, toys, food, potties, playground, it all!!! So we will see. A new adventure, our little guy is growing up. We were at Mc Donald's today and he ran into this boy on accident and he looked up to him and said, "Sorry." Ugh, with the sweetest voice. Ace might be ready to go, but I don't know if I am ready. I guess tomorrow will tell, for both of us!

Dream & Believe!


Kiana said...

Pre-school? Wow, he really is growing up so fast!

I saw a picture of Casey from the Rangers first spring training game today (currently still in progress) He looks good in the Ranger blue! I hope to see him in Arlington in April! And I hope to see you this summer at the World Cup in OKC.

Congratulations once again to both of you on all of your successes.

Rake said...

Hang in there mommy.

Sunny said...

Hey Jennie I am 11 and I go to William Lenoir Middle in NC. We have a major prodject coming up called images of greatness(a person of greatness). And my image of greatness is you! You are an amazing softball player!