Tuesday, January 6, 2009

With Your Candle, Go Light Your World!

This was a song sang at church last Sunday. It totally spoke to me. Everywhere we turn we hear bad stuff. The Economy, Crime, and you know you hear it everyday! No need to continue. I'm sure it helped a little too, that it was sang so beautifully! I walked around yesterday hearing her voice coming out of my mouth.

We can be a positive light! We all have our own candle, take that candle and go light your world! I love it! More and more our world needs light, we are living in a dark world. Yesterday, I heard on the news that yesterday was the Most Stressful Day of the Year! Well good news that day is over now. Let's try to surround ourselves with people and things that make our light brighter! Let's add lighter fluid to our light, more and more!

With Your Candle, Go Light Your World!

Dream & Believe!


softballforlife33 said...

hey i just wanted to say thanks for always being a great positive christian role model. god bless u and ur family. <3


Rake said...

The most stressful day of the year may have passed. However, I have just begun the New Year working for Uncle Sam. I hear it will take until May before I will clear my tax burden.

Yet....I still smile. Our daughter still impresses me each day.

Jess and Tim said...

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Nicole said...

Thank you so much for posting this! You are my daughters role model in sports and I feel so wonderful knowing that now I can tell her you are a Christian and not afraid to show it!

Anonymous said...

Jennie..thank you much for always sharing your positive spirit. I learned this lesson the hard way this past year as I lost a close friend who was such a light in the lives of those she came in touch with. I've made a decision to pick up that torch and spread that light for her. Life is gonna happen, we have no control over it, but we can control our attitude and that is where my focus is this year. Thank you for being a light in my life, I pray that I can shed some on yours as well. God bless

Trisha :)