Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Potties, Binky's, & Blankie's

This is Ace's world! What a life!

We are such lucky parents, God knew we needed to start out with an easy one. This lil guy has traveled the world in his 2 little years. He has been to China, Japan, and over 30 states. Unbelievable! He is so easy going and adaptable. Its pretty much all he has ever known, airplanes and hotels.

He knows of Tucson and that as his toy land. "Tuscon," he says," Ace has that in Tucson." Everything is in Tucson! Despite the fact that he has only been there 2 weeks this entire year. He is surrounded by love where ever he ends up and that is all that matters! And toys seem to appear wherever he lands!

Well and of course his binky and blankie! To him, that is his world. My stomach starts to cramp when ever I think of getting rid of one, the Binky. I don't even consider both, heaven forbid. We do know its time, we just aren't ready yet. We, notice, all three of us. We know we are digging the hole deeper and deeper as each day passes. My stomach is now to a complete cramp just talking about it. I know many moms are out there thinking get a grip and a back bone! The time will come, when? Not sure, but it will! Every one already thinks he's that 5 year old kid with a binky because he is so tall. I need a shirt for him that says, "My daddy is 6'5" I'm only 2! Leave me, my mom, and my binky alone"! As you can tell I have a complex. We are getting there trying to limit it to naps and night time... for the most part. The day will come, just not sure when.

The Lord knew exactly what we needed like I said. Our little guy one morning says, "Mommy, no diapers, diapers are for babies!" Well that was it, at 2 1/2 he is potty trained! That was all it took. I think the Lord is blessing us with all other aspects because he knows what is in store with the Binky! He is chuckling up there!

On to the potty!

Potty's, so I have come to the conclusion I have a huge issue.

Germs. I am so not, a germ freak, in fact very far from it! We build up our antibodies daily! But with toilets, yes, I am! Ace is so good on his little potty at home. I disinfect it and clean it. It even plays music to celebrate each use! Its perfect!

My first experience out using a public rest room with Ace was frightening. I kind of flipped out! I'd almost rather him use his clean, fresh diaper! It even crossed my mind to slip one on him, more than once. What to do? I even bought a little fold up seat, then realized I have to carry this sponge bob plastic seat in my purse, first of all. Second, cleaning it every time both sides in public. Well that didn't last too long either. I'm still trying to figure out a solution.

These are my options for now

1. Using an entire roll of toilet paper to cover every porcelain thing Ace could possibly touch. It takes me back to 6th grade toilet papering the mean girls house. And Carry Clorox wipes in my purse and wiping down the whole stall. Not fun!
2. I am thinking of buying little potties for each car to have! This will only work when we have a car. Most of the time we aren't even where we have a car. Can u imagine us going through security at the airport with a music playing potty?
3. Diapers for a little while longer, they are looking good, especially compared to the nasty public bathrooms.

Mom's any advice out there? I know there is always soap and water. Handy travel disinfected wipes. I know we all had to use public bathrooms when we were little too. Shoot, I grew up at the ball park for goodness sake. Still. And to make things worse, we are on the road about 300 if not more days a year. Yuck! As soon as he says, "Mommy, Ace have to go Ti-Ti," my heart drops! Even worse for number 2! This was supposed to be the easy part when he was out of them!

I was excited to get rid of the diaper bag but now my purse looks like a cleaning bucket! So much for my beautiful Chanel purse Casey got me for my birthday. It looks like we will be sprinting to the nearest Neiman's or Gold Star Club at the airport begging for a bathroom when at all possible, with Clorox in hand! I hope the Texas Rangers have clean toilets! :)

I better stop, I'm getting way too carried away! Back to Cheese Puffs & Dora!

Dreaming of clean toilets and no Binky's!


rakethetable said...

The joys of parenting. I will stop short of giving advice. I know your comment section will soon be filled with it. Just don't take some of it too seriously.

Just enjoy these days - I remember them fondly. You tell of the situation so perfectly. It made me smile in remembrance of when Candystick was that age.


For Over 29 Years... said...

Well first of all, be thankful he's a boy and can one day stand up!!! No touching! second, I think it might be something you are going to have to just let go of. I know, it's hard, but there comes a time...
Now, are you going to be near the texas rangers sometime soon? Did I miss something?

kkp1220 said...

kalencom potette is a foldable portable potty that I take everywhere with me. I bring it in the car, on walks, airplanes, malls, etc... It is pretty compact and will fit in your purse or the bottom of your stroller.

I swear by this. I have twin girls and we use it all the time;-) You just throw the bag away when you are done.

You can get it on or maybe even babies r us.

Kelsey Kollen (friends with Amanda, Jessica, JT, etc... use to play with the Panthers;-0 )

Jennie Finch said...

Kelsey, Thank you! Thank you! Good to hear from you! Congrats on your twins! Thanks for the advice! Of course I know who you are... we go way back! I'm ordering it now!

Rake- Thank you!

Nicole- Yes, much easier standing up! :) Casey signed with the Rangers a couple of weeks ago. said...

Just do it. Don't let the anxiety of what might happen get him all nervous too...

Unknown said...

Hi Jennie! Those are really good ideas about that situation! :)

I really appreciate you blogging because I feel you are like actually talking to me!

I was wondering, is there anytime soon you'll be in Rochester?

Well, thanks for your time.

Taylor :) #25

Chris said...

Hi. I am frequent reader and a fan. Don't worry about the binky. My daughter had hers until she was 4. We did limit the binky for bed time only. When she woke up she HAD to leave it in bed. Also you can put a hole it in so it "won't work". Don't feel bad or guilty or worry about what other people think. You are great parents. My daughter is 6 now and doing great in kindergarten. Having a binky was not harmful it was like having a security blanket. Good luck!