Monday, April 7, 2008

A Crazy Spring...

We are in Houston right now continuing our Bound for Beijing tour! We just were in New Mexico yesterday, what a crowd we had! We are so blessed to be able to walk into stadiums all across the country and be so welcomed! I love it! I love this game! Its amazing to see the support for our sport! Im so blessed to be able to be a part of it! We've had a busy month... from Ca to OKC and continuing on! We as a team know we have our work cut out for us and except the challenge. Its a process and for us we need to be at our best come Beijing. We are working hard on and off the field to accomplish our goal! Its been such a blast meeting up with friends and fans that have become friends throughout the years from all over the country. We live an exciting life playing a game and having the honor of representing our great country. We have really began to Bear Down and hit it hard... enjoying everyday!

Ace just continues to brighten each day! Getting bigger and bigger by the minute. He now knows all of his colors! He is just a joy!!!! He has such a great sense of humor and is really just a little goof ball! I can't get enough of him! He had fun in Oklahoma with his cousins and is enjoying his buds on the road, Lisa's Antonio, and Stacey's Chase! They are the cutest, roaming the hotels and airports, and joining us on our bus rides! Playing ball, watching videos, and chasing each other around, they are true buds!

Ace went to NY with me for the Apprentice finale. It was so fun to see all the cast again and catch up. It really was a great group of people and a delight to see them all again! We will be in NY as much as possible with Casey. He had a great spring training and is off to a great start with the Redwings. The season has officially began for him. Lots of exciting stuff.

Thanks to all of the many fans who continue to write and pray for us, as a family and our teams. Thanks for filling the stadiums with such excitement and dedication. Its not easy being apart from our families but when you see young girls faces light up with joy it makes it a little easier. This is why we play for the love of the game and for the future of our sport!

Keep dreaming and believing!


ropinrooster said...

Thanks for coming to New Mexico, the team I took truly enjoyed it. We will be watching and screaming at our TV's when ya'll take the GOLD.

finchgirl118 said...

i hope u win the rest of ur games. it was a joy to me to see you on the TV screen in new york. i will keep praying for u and ur family

god bless

Lisa said...

Jennie we loved you in Houston!! My daughter loved watching you warm up, it must be an amazing feeling to see the smiles on the girls faces when you walk onto that field! Thank you for being such an awesome role model. USA!

Anonymous said...

do you have an opinion about all the hype and hooplah surrounding the goings on in china with the convtroversary over tibet and the possiblity of the US boycotting the opening ceremonies?

3girlsmom said...

We met you last night in Birmingham at the USA/UA game. My daughter, Mary Emma, is a huge fan and couldn't go to sleep lat night after meeting you. She has a life-sized cut out of you in her room and dreams to be an Olympic pitcher one day. Thank you for your awesome attitude and your ability to show Christ while you were being swarmed by hundreds of adoring fans. Your grateful attitude and personal attention to each fan was amazing to see. As a matter of fact, we also met Crystal, Lisa, Stacy, and Monica and their attitudes were equally as wonderful. That's a great testimony to how humble you are.
Mary Emma is now counting the days to Beijing so she can see you on TV.
I have written about her experience on my blog today. Go check it out if you have a chance.
Again, thanks and GO USA!

PatC. said...

Hi Jennie, We are really excited and thrilled to have Casey with the Red Wings and can't wait to see him pitch. We are also looking forward to seeing you and the rest of the team in Akron later this summer. Greatly enjoyed the time at the clinic in Williamsport.

Chris said...

It was great having y'all in Ridgeland last night. Your impact on our youth will be felt for years to come. Please let the team know they can see two galleries of photos from last night's game at the Web site below.

Turner said...

Hey Jennie!:) i loved u in houston! i just wanted to say i thought it was amazing how u wer warming up by pitching the ball a million feet away!:) im 12 and i hope i can catch 4 u some day! keep up the good work u rock!:-)

Anonymous said...

I hope that you have a Camp somewhere around Myrtle Beach, SC!!(Maybe the Cal Ripken Experience would be good for you)
i would love to go to it if you did!
I am a pitcher and i am 12yrs old and I would LOVE to meet you!
that would be awesome!
you are one of my biggest rolemodels EVER!
Good Luck in the olympic games this year!
I am one of your biggest fans!!
Your're an awesome role model and player!
Hope you get the gold!

Anne said...

Thanks for being such an awesome role model. My 9 year old daughter loves you. She plays catcher on her 10U team. Putting her in t-ball was the best thing I ever did for her- she loves to play. We both look forward to seeing you in Temple, TX in June.


hi jennie
sorry to bother u again but i have a softball game tommorow, and yet i also do know that u won`t get this for a while but i am the pitcher for my team and i am still a little nervous what did you do not to be neverous at your first game at 10? oh and i know this is going to seem pretty weird but ummm....r u christan i am from alabama and i really was just wondering but i will talk 2 u later!! and also if u ever get a chance visit my blog ok thanks bye!!!

Morgan N. said...

My softball team and I cant wait until you come to Ashland! We are all going to come to the game to see you and the team. Right now we are 13-1!!!! We are the Avon Eagles and we hope to win our conference with a 22-1 record.

Well I cant wait to see and meet you