Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Good Times in Florida!

We are in Clearwater about to play 6 games in the next three days! Our Florida tour has been great so far, great weather, great training, great games! We are looking forward to playing lots in the next few days. Florida is beautiful so lush and so green. We are loving Clearwater being right on the beach with ocean views, it doesn't get any better than this! Bustos is soaking it all up on the balcony looking out at the water with a big grin. Its been an exciting trip getting to go to the Yankee's Game on Sunday (I skipped out for Casey's game but the team had fun) and having Terrell Owens stopping by our game last night. We are invited to go to see Tampa Bay play on Friday, we are looking forward to it! Lots of baseball going on around here!!! I love the spring and baseball is one of the many reasons why. We bused today from Hollywood to Clearwater making a pit stop at the IMG Academy. Our team had an appearance at the Academy and had a meet and greet with many local high schoolers. Its a pretty amazing place to say the least. Its resort living with everything you need for athletics, academics, and life for the athlete in training. We had a great time, plus it broke up the bus ride!
Well I better get going and get some R & R (rest & recovery) it doesn't come too often! :)
Dream & Believe!


Gabby said...

Hi!!! I was at the Maryland game you played in Florida, my team rushed over directly from a tourny!!! You played an amzing game and I just love you.
- P.S. I was the girl that asked you to sign my phone.

Doesn't said...

I am a High School senior and captain of my school softball team. I would like to thank you for being such an amazing role model both on and off the field. You really inspire my teammates and me to work on our playing and to become the best athletes we can be. We appreciate all that you do for our favorite sport and for female athletes all around the United States.
Just seeing Team U.S.A always puts a smile on our faces. :)
Good luck with everything & have fun playing softball!!!

Thanks again for being here for all of us female athletes,

P.S. My softball coach has helped me so much since I first joined my high school team in 8th grade. He lives for his family and softball and is a HUGE fan of yours. I would like to give him a very memorable present before I graduate this year. Would you be willing to send me a signed softball for him?
You can contact me at
Thanks again! :)

uofaleejr said...


LEE JR #51 NOT #27


keri mikulski :) said...

Thanks, Jennie for blogging about your tour. It's amazing to hear what it is like to be part of an Olympic team. See you guys in Maryland!

jess said...

Hi Jennie you are amazing!A few years back i went to see u play it was awesome!

GO 27!!!!!

uofaleejr said...


uofaleejr said...

Lets go Team USA.... as always..........its the Lady Cats over the Lady Bruins and Lady Devils.....

Softball AND! Webkinz said...

Hi I've been playing baseball sense I was like BORN and I stopped playing when I was 9 because I had to many injuries. Right after that I went straight to softball. I love softball so much better cause I actually get to play with girls instead of with boys, because they're always saying," A girl's playing baseball. But now I'm happy i'm in softball because i'm on my school team, my travelball team, and my spring ball team. A lot Ah. Well Jennie your my favorite softball player. #1, because you're an awesome pitcher
#2, Your a great role model to girls.
#3, my favorite you have blonde hair just like ME!!!!

Kaitlyn said...

hi Jennie,
I am 13 years old and I live in Canada. You are my idol. I play softball and I am a pitcher. I love the sport. I have played since i was little and I want to pursue my dream of playing on a National Softball team in the United States. I work hard, play hard, and never give up. The one thing i hate the most is giving up. I will never do that because I go out and give it my all every game and i can't isn't in my vocabulary.
My school doesn't have a team we have Minor Ball assosiation. I play for the Kipling Royals and I have gone to provincials two years in a row playing with the Moosomin Magic(we won gold that year and didn't lose a single game at provincials) and with the Kipling Royals in 2007( we got forth over all at provincials but in the game that we had to play to finish in the top three teams i pitched four innings having a shut-out only allowing one walk but that walk didn't end up going anywhere cause i struck the next batter out. We ended up losing by one run and I never struck out batting the entire game scoring one point almost every inning.)
Softball is my soul and heart. I work hard and want it so bad. It is March so it is really wet out and hard to pitch without the ball getting wet and slippery but i go out and practice anyways. I think to myself "How bad do I want it" and I keep going untill I have to stop because it is getting dark and to dangerous to pitch.
I am going to try-outs for a provincial team at the end of this month and my goal is to go and show the coachers that I am there to work hard, play hard, and learn what they want to teach me. Even if I don't make it I will keep working hard all season long focusing on the pitch at hand and not on the pitch i threw last.
I really want to prove to all the people that think I can't do it that I can play softball and I can make it. I don't ask people for pitty and I want people to see that girls can play sports just as good as guys can.
At the end of the year I am hoping to win the sports award for my grade. I will write back telling you if I got it and how my softball season went. Along with whether I made it or not on the Provincial team.
Jennie, I really wish that i could have an autographed softball to use as motivation to what you can do with perservirance and hard work. You sybolize to me a person who proved to everyone what she could do and showed her talent. I know that it is allot to ask for and that you are really busy but it would mean so much to me. You probably get allot of fans asking for one but you have no idea how much it would mean to me.
I will leave my mailing address so that if you chose to send me an autograph you can send the softball to me.
Kaitlyn Cross
Box 824
Kipling, Saskatchewan, Canada
S0G 2S0

Thank you so much for inspiring so many people and showing the world what hard work and perservirance can earn you.
Your fan,
~Kaitlyn Cross~

P.S. I really would like an autograph but I understand if you don't send one.

ss_softballgirl_12 said...

hey!!! i'm a freshman in high school, and i play for my softball team in fort wayne, indiana. i play pitcher and first, and i truly apire to be a great pitcher like you. my team is probably going to a bandits game this season, so if you see lots of green and hear screaming...that's probably us. i just hope that one day i et to meet you, because you are totally my idol. you're awesome!
--P.S. you should come to Fort Wayne, Indiana. no one ever comes gets boring around here.

Kaitlyn said...

Hey Jennie,
I wrote you b4 by the name Kaitlyn. I said I would tell you whether i made the provincial team or not and I did. Thanks for showing the world what a great sport softball is and thanks for the awesome encouraging words you write.