Monday, June 28, 2010

Day #6 & #7 in Caracas & eating Venezuelan Style!

We played Australia yesterday, we won 9-2. It was a big victory for us as we are collecting wins for the top seed in our pool. We were happy to make it to our game on time... our bus suddenly was lost for about 20min. We made it and with plenty of warm up time. Our bus driver put the pedal to the metal! Tasha was in a braced position the entire ride. We were laughing so hard as we were weaving in and out and around corners to the game. Laughing a little scared, but enjoying the entertaining ride! We have been traveling VIP style here. We have a group of motorcycle officers that stop and hold traffic everywhere we go along with military escorts. Needless to say we get where we are going fast and without stopping. We all definitely could get used to this, especially our LA girls! ;)

After our game we came back to the hotel and got ready for our quest outside of our hotel! We have only seen the hotel and softball fields while we have been here. We were excited to head out and eat some authentic Venezuelan food! It was a Venezuelan Folkloric (llanero style, cowboy style) restaurant, it was beautiful! We had traditional food from the Central Plains of Brainas, Apure in Venezuela. We enjoyed Casabe made out of yuca (it was like a potato chip sort of) with Morcilla (blood sausage) topped with cheese, tomatoes, and avocados as an appetizer. Next we had Tequenos, fried cheese wrapped in yuca and corn dough and of course some arepas! We had Tostones, salted fried plantains... so very good! We started with a gorgeous salad with hearts of palms, avocados, 4 different kinds of lettuce, corn, tomotoes, cucumbers topped with a mayo based dressing ... it was amazing! For our entrees we chose, steak, chicken, or a local white fish! I picked the right seat and was able to try all three. The fish being my favorite. For our sides they served papas fritas (french fries), fried yuca and boiled yuca topped with cilantro. The yuca was my favorite and I enjoyed it served both ways. Its a root with a texture like a sweet potato, I highly recommend it! And of course we never forget dessert, us USA girls love dessert! ;) We had the smoothest most delicious bocado del cielo, translated it means a slice from heaven. Amazing! It was a rich flan served on toasted coconut, usually covered in Baileys, we got the non alcoholic version. Indeed it was a slice from heaven! We had a fun team dinner with our whole crew and enjoyed doing it Venezuelan style! Very tasty!!! Thank You Venezuela!

Today we played the Dominican Republic, we won 10-1. We have our last game of pool play tomorrow against the Czech Republic @ 3pm. Wednesday we will start the medal rounds!

Dreaming & Believing!


aletroxs said...

I am very happy that you have fun in my country ... especially that you girls being treated like the queens who you are ... kisses and hugs ...

christian alejandro said...

I love hear those special words that make me feel so proud of my lovely country, really happy that you feel the authentic taste of Venezuela through our food and the warmth of our people. You and your team are always welcome to may country anytime. blessings and kisses.

Christian Ramirez

Troyagaa said...

corn dough? That's Cachapas? haha ... Arepas, Cachapas and Empanadas are very tasty! and here we can find it everywhere hehe... I'm proud of my country treated you well =)... I'll go to a game and I'll Bring authentic Chocolate, u liked it? the venezuelan is the best one! hehe maybe I'll go tomorrow and I'll be cheering for you ;)

Luis said...

I'm happy you are enjoying in my country.
I was in yesterday's game against Dominican Republic
I recorded part of the game and I can only say that Mrs. Finch was the first, she's the first and she will be the first.
No more words. #1

Your always fanatic

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! Now my mouth is watering! Thanks Jennie! LOL Hope you girls keep winning! GO USA!! God bless you!!!

argenisjohan said...

naaah que bien , nuestra comida es muy rica , me alegro que la esten pasando bien , sobre todo tu jennie i love you , eres muy bella , te mando besos y mucha suerte , lo que probaste es la tipica comida criolla venezolana, tambien se le podria decir parrilla que es carne , morcilla , yuca, ensaladas , etc.

Gabo said...

Heeey! Is very nice to read this.. I am Venezuelan and I have had the chance of enjoying some softball games.. you girls ROCK! My favorite team, of course is Venezuela! I hope you still having the most incredible time in my country... and when you go back to the US, try to open the eyes of so many americans about the lies the media says about us.. Thank you for lovin this southamerican country and its food and you will be welcome any time =)

Carlos said...

Hello Jennie
I write from Caracas, Venezuela. First of all, congrats for the championship!! I have to say I knew nothing about you or the US national women softball team. Now, I only can say what a great team you have and what an excellent player you are (beautiful too) (The venezuelan team is great too!!). I have read some about your records and your career and is simply amazing. I admire you. You are an example for kids and everyone. You really motivate champion!. Thanks!!

Urogallo said...

Jennie: congratulations on winning the cup! I'm glad that you enjoyed eating our food from Los Llanos. You should try on your next visit to Venezuela the food from the coast, you'll be amazed of the colors and flavors you'll find, also the beaches are great.
I'm very proud that my country treated you well, and also i'm proud of your title because i'm American too! I was born in Ames, Iowa when my parents were studying there. I wish that i can enjoy half of what you did when i go back to the USA on vacation this year.
Best wishes,

kaishimama said...

Hi!Jennie. Congratulations on the victory in Venezuela. By the way, The team composition table of USA that was scheduled to come to Japan Cup was in HP of Japan. However, your name is not recorded. Do not you come really? It is very shock. Because Kaishi and I prepared the present for you, the Ace,
and Casey yesterday. It cries when this story is surely taught Kaishi.
Because a direct message is sent from Twitter, it will read later.