Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day #4 & #5 at World's

We've had a great couple of days here competing for the 2010 World Championships. We started out yesterday with 2 big wins! Our first was against New Zealand, Eileen Canney picked up her first USA victory on the mound! We came back to the hotel and refueled for our game versus the home team of Venezuela. WOW! Oh my goodness it was packed! Crazy!!! The loudest crowd by far we have ever played in front of. It was loud the minute the Venezuelan team stepped on the field. The horns, whistles, chants, waves, and more never once stopped! There was over 7,000 fans in attendance! It was such an amazing feeling taking the field. We could not even hear one another out there on the field. Our non verbal communication skills were a necessity. We pulled out our second victory of the day! A fun one indeed, it will go down in the books!

The Venezuelan team are Rock Stars here... literally! They have a song written for them and even are in the music video! The song is awesome, hopefully we can hook you up with the link for you to hear yourself. We have been rocking out to it non stop. It is so much fun to see, experience, and to feel the love the Venezuelans have for their team. They too have been very gracious and welcoming to us, we are very grateful for the hospitality here! It makes me so excited knowing we will be in Oklahoma City in a few weeks on our home soil for World Cup!!! U-S-A!!!!!!! ;)

Today we played Botswana, we won 20-0. It is their first time qualifying for World's, it proves our sports growth all over the World. It has been so fun seeing them compete and getting the chance to have this experience. After the game they were so very sweet. They were telling us, "One Day, One Day, we will be that good." It made my heart melt... so many lives all over the world have been positively impacted by softball and sports alone! Its so incredible to see the opportunity for women on all continents. We will be leaving our equipment with them and others to help them in their pursuit of sharing and growing this game all over the World!

Yes, we are here to Win... Always! But there is SO much more to it than just winning! We are on our pursuit and mission for both. Enjoying the beautiful country and people of Venezuela, competing one day, one game at a time til the end of our quest and more quests to come. ...On & Off the field!

On a side note it was Lauren Lappin's Birthday today and we had a great celebration for her put on by our sweet hosts! We have the best local Venezuelan crew to help assist us! They are awesome... how awesome? Well let me just tell you this... Opening Ceremonies night our Bus Driver was hit by one of the Fireworks. Yes, hit by one... it was scary! Thank God he is OK and healing... but he didn't even take a day off. He is still driving us and will be til the end! Greeting us everyday with the sweetest smile on crutches with his poor bandaged up foot. Our friends we have made here have been fabulous and have made our stay so wonderful! They brought Lauren the most beautiful bouquet of flowers, a cake, and even sang to her. It was very very sweet!

Next up the Aussies tomorrow at 1pm!

I will tell you what Ace told me tonight on the phone, "Sweet Dreams!"



Leslie said...

Jennie -- I got chills & tears when I read that the team is leaving their equipment behind for another team. AMAZING! Thank you for continuing to pave the way for other young women, whether here in the USA or across the world. Great way for Team USA to show what an incredible organization you all are and you make us proud to be part of the greater softball family. God has given you all a special gift and a special blessing. Continue using those and inspiring others in the process. Thank you ladies for being the best there is -- on and off the field. Leslie

Estibalitz said...

I'm Venezuelan citizen but I go to school in the US, right now I'm spending my summer here with my family I went to the softball game yesterday, I think that I was the only one that supported you guys and all my friends were mad at me because of that LOL. Very nice to see both Venezuelan and USA national teams competing in my country.

BZs said...

Here's the song:

You guys rock! All of you, softball players competing over there. I'm following the games watching a venezuelan channel's online stream every night, since I live in Hungary (Europe) and most of the games start at 2:30 am :)

It's great to see how much fun you have :) Thank you for keeping the softball dream alive.

Go softball, go team USA!

Luis said...

Great Game Girls!! and hopefully you do the same today Vs Australia... Im kinda sad cuz i didnt have my softball ball autographed for none of you guys.. =( Im the guy waiting outside after you guys finished the practice Wearing The US Basketball Jersey... Im right now like Eminem's son "Stan".. LOL anyways... thats fine hopefully today i have better luck... i will suppurt the team today Later on today!!! GO USA!

Luis Velasco.

Jennie Finch said...

Thank you all for your support!

Leslie- Yes, indeed! Amen!

Estibalitz- Thank you for your support!!! Keep cheering! ;)

BZs- You just made my day! Thank you for the link! I love it! Thanks for watching from Hungary! Amazing!

Luis- We will sign for you!!! Thanks for coming!

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Eglym León said...

"Desear lo mejor, recelar lo peor y tomar lo que viniere." Eugène Delacroix

aletroxs said...

Jennie, soy de venezuela, hola.. no sabes como muero de ganas por ir a verlas jugar a todas, de verdad es un privilegio y placer de pocos verlas a ustedes que ademas de ser deportistas asombrosas son mujeres bellas y espectaculares... tuve el placer de verlas en el panamericano en agosto del ano pasado y simplemente quede completamente enamorado de todas :$ horita me encuentro en maracaibo! en otro estado diferente y 8 horas retirado de caracas :S y por falta de dinero no puedo ir!:$ y me mataaa no poder porque espere mucho este mundial para perdermelo:( de verdad espero les vaya super y se midan en una final con VENEZUELA.... :)
PS: te sigo en el twitter... mi nick es @aletroxs... sigueme :)

aletroxs said...

I'm from Venezuela, hello .. do not know how not wait to go see them play at all, really is a privilege and pleasure to see you that few besides being amazing athletes are women beautiful and spectacular ... I had the pleasure of seeing them in the Pan in August last year and just be completely in love with all: $ horita maracaibo I'm in! in another state and retired eight hours caracas: S and for lack of funds I can not go!: $ mataaa and I can not wait too long for this world to miss it (really super and I hope you will be measured in a final VENEZUELA .... :)
PS: I follow you on twitter ... my nick is @ aletroxs ... follow me:)

argenisjohan said...

hola jennie que bien que te gusto mi querido pais venezuela , al leer tu blog me di cuenta que posees un gran corazon, eres muy sincera , bonita y tierna encarnas todo lo antes dicho , mi nombre es argenis suarez, soy abogado, vivo en puerto ordaz, en el estado bolivar , a nueve horas de la capital caracas, veo el juego todos los dias por la tv , apoyando a venezuela , le ganaron a venezuela , pero preparense para la revancha, le vamos adar una buena pelea , preparate con tu equipo , me imagino ya has comido nuestra arepa , si no es asi entonces pruebenla antes de irse , te admiro por ser una mujer muy sincera y con un gran corazon , desde que te vi, me impactaste , espero tener la dicha de algun dia volverte a ver en venezuela , mi pais querido y teer la dicha de verte en persona , gracias por tus publicaciones sinceras de mi pais un eso mi querida jennie y saludo a tu hijo ace , espero lo traigas un dia de estos a venezuela , bye un beso , q la sigas pasando bien en venezuela