Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Its the LITTLE Things!

I love it! Here I am in the kitchen at midnight tearing into a bag of Cheez Its while my husband is now opening the pantry ripping into the Frosted Flakes! This is what I hoped for in life & marriage! It doesn't mean I don't get an evil eye every once in awhile when I bust into snacks late night, but still I love it! And it just so happens tonight he is joining me which is rare so it made my night.

I believe marriage is all about the little things... I feel it's the same with life. The little things that lift us up, the moments in between the grand events, celebration, gifts, and etc. If the little things are good, the big will be even better.

We have been married 5 years... Crazy! Unreal! Time is flying by warp speed. Its even more crazy to think Ace is about to be 4! My goal is to continue to make the little things in my/our life good, the day to day, the minute by minute. Enjoying the little things. When Ace grabs my face and kisses me on the cheek out of now where... that is what I am talking about. Oh, how it melts every piece of my heart. When Casey kisses me good bye every morning or the instant hug Iget when he walks into the house. Its the little things that have made these last 5 years so incredible!

I know I am about to throw Casey under the bus a little right now but he has given me the moon and back for gifts! He helps prove or does prove my point about the little things theory! Seriously, he has given more than I could ask for, know of, or even want! For our 5 year anniversary a few days ago he got the me the sweetest card (which meant the world to me, he is the best with thoughtful cards, again the little things!) and a People Magazine. I looked at him and grinned. We had just completed our 5 star, 5 course anniversary meal, it was amazing Now, I am searching for the answer about the People Magazine. (We weren't supposed to get each other gifts, just a night out to celebrate). With his dimpled cheeks looking right back at mine he started to explain. "For our '5' year anniversary the gift is wood. There wasn't anything wood that I could think of that you "wood" (get it) want so I knew I would be safe with a People Magazine!" I died of laughter and was overflowing with joy! So clever and so hilarious and cute all at the same time! I responded immediately elated, "I love it!" I truly did and do! After 5 years he has found the way to my heart!!! Usually, I get nervous for gifts from him because he really would/does get me the world and I never know with what he will show up with. Let me tell you I am still smiling ear to ear thinking about my People Mag! He gets it, he knows how to get to my heart and he did on our 5 year anniversary and he does get their daily. I am so grateful and blessed! An unforgettable anniversary, no doubt!

People, let me tell you... Brilliant! Its the little things, People!

Enjoy the LITTLE things!


Matthew T. said...

Talking about a marriage that has gone right from the start, congrats on the five year anniversary. You sure are living the Dream.

Jennie Finch said...

Thanks Matt, its definitely a work in progress, daily. I do feel extremely blessed. Thanks for checking out the blog.

Bianca said...


It's like I could hear Casey's voice and see your face. I'm so happy for the both of you! I love you so much and wish you 500 more years together with your Aces.

Anonymous said...

Great post, Jennie!! It really is the little things. Congrats on 5 years of marriage! We really need more people like you and Casey. Someone who's marriage lasts longer that a week. Love you!!! have a greatly blessed day!

Brianna said...

you guys are so perfect for each other! I can see you smiling now. 2 points for Casey! love you guys.

Kimmy said...

That's just exactly how life should be. Too many times people take the "Little Things" for granted, but it's the "Little Things" that make life worth living:). It's great to see how much you appreciate your gift! I love your writing, keep being you!

Stephanie Sandifer said...

Congratulations on celebrating 5 years! That is such a cute story about the people magazine :-)

My grandparents were Hershel and Oneta Sandifer from Vinton. I met both you and Casey at their house one Christmas (the last Christmas before my grandmother passed away), and I've always thought that the two of you were such a sweet couple. I am very happy for you!