Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Our Bull Rider!

Check him out! Yep, that is our Ace! A Bull Rider and proud of it! Non stop, from morning til' night! Riding Bulls, tipping his hat to the ladies, boots, cowboy hat, bucking, flips, and doing it all over again! Oh and did I mention the clown and hopping fences escaping his feared yellow with blue pok a dotted Rody! Rody is his bulls name, yes he wanted a name for him. He met a young boy, 9 months to be exact today and immediately introduced himself as "Ace, and I'm a bull rider!" Too stinkin' cute! He loves it and can not get enough of it! Boy are we so happy to have Rody, it used to be us! Now we are in search of a clown with a big red nose, no of any?

Dreaming and Believing,


Rake said...

I see Rody bucked him - better get some spurs for that kid.

Looks like a fun toy!

Have a great Easter!

kkp1220 said...

Too cute. My nephew is the same way, all boy!!!

Anonymous said...

yeeeeehawwwww!!! lol...Jennie..i hope as a mom you are ready to face all the bumps and bruises this little buckaroo will go thru. He looks like he has no fear and will take it all on. So cute!

White Flower said...

Keep it country, Finch :) You raise 'em well!

Carmela said...

I am so excited for you guys! YEAH FOR US.... by the way I am from HOUSTON! ;-)


By the way..... when in Round Rock you have got to try the Round Rock Donuts! You will not regret so so good.

Good Luck to y'all
Carmela Ortiz
Houston, TX ;-)

TLM17 said...

Too too cute. Wow he is growing up so much. Hope life has slowed down a little bit for yall. Take care and good luck with everything. Thanks so much for sharing with us. God has a plan for each of your lifes so just continue to trust and fully rely on him in all things.

Anonymous said...

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Loving Posts of Mr. McComic and the McKiddies said...

Rody!! My sister Brenda just bought my 18 month old one when we were in Austin at Toy Joy last weekend. I think Casey played with her husband Stephen Randolph on the Diamondbacks a while back. Glad to see your blog. We just love ya!