Sunday, July 20, 2008

Across Country Bus Tour

We started out in Portland and ending in Rapid City, South Dakota. We had an adventure to say the least. We had the baby mobile motor home following behind the bus on our road trip. We enjoyed great company on the motor home... when we were healthy and not! :) There was this horrible bug that went around and around. The baby mobile turned into the sick mobile holding all the hosts of this bug keeping it away from the team as much as possible. Even with the bug we managed to have a lot of fun and made many memories. The highlights being definitely the drive through Yellowstone and the black hawk tour through the black hills, Mt Rushmore, and around Crazy Horse. It was great to experience all of this, getting to see and appreciate this great country in which we represent! In Yellowstone we were able to see a Black Bear, Elk, Dear, Buffalo, and many spectacular views. We were so happy to meet up with Casey in Rapid City, he was on All Star break. He met us at the Military base just in time to get in on the fun! Ace was so elated with joy to see his daddy! Casey just as much to see his boy!
Now to the Black Hawk Tour... what a thrill! Absolutely amazing! Started a bit shaky with the Military splitting Casey and I up because we have Ace! A bit scary thinking about that... but I figure with the military is probably the best way to fly the sky! We were graciously given an opportunity of a lifetime. We soared through the beautiful black hills, up and around Mt Rushmore with the greatest view possible, and by crazy horse. We had lots of fun! Dre and I grasped on to one another when our pilots decided to have some fun, screaming as our stomachs dropped as if we were on a roller coaster ride. We are so grateful for the many incredible things we have been able to do. We ended our adventure with a sunset banquet up at crazy horse... what a day! What a year!

We are now in Connecticut getting ready for our game tonight. As this tour comes to an end it has been a bit emotional. The good byes are starting, from our very special bus drivers whom we adore, to all the staff that won't be in Beijing, and the many who have helped us tremendously along the way! There are so many that play such a huge part of what we do, we are so thankful and blessed to have so much and so many. After tonight we have four games left on US soil, we are filled with many mixed emotions, but its refreshing knowing that "amazing awaits" in China!

Ending our night in Springfield Missouri yesterday, with our usual autograph session I was approached by the cutest little girl grinning from ear to ear. She ran up, looking up, on her tip toes, and with such excitement shouted, "Go get us our fourth, Jennie." It was the cutest thing!!! Our fourth... thats our mission. "Our" meaning every little girl out there, the many Coaches, the many fans of all ages, the women before us who paved the way for us, it is "Ours" as a Nation, going for four for all!

Dream & Believe!


TonyG said...

Hi Jenny, I had the pleasure of seeing Team USA play the Brackettes last night, another awesome game! It was a privilege to watch the team play but I have to say it was an honor to watch the autograph session after the game. I sat back and took it all in. You and your teammates are true ambassadors of the game. After a nine inning game in the heat and humidity you ladies spent nearly an hour making hundreds of little girls incredibly happy. Please pass along my sincere thanks and gratitude to the entire team, it was something special to watch.

Good luck in Beijing, you make us proud just by taking the field. Be safe, play well and most of all have fun out there. Thanks again.

WA soccer mom said...

Hi Jenny,
I just wanted to say "THANK YOU" for taking the time to take a picture with my daughter in Portland, OR. the next morning at the practice session. My daughter was in heaven and was happy with the photo and not sad at all for not getting your autograph because you all were short on time. Good luck in Beijing!!!! You have a great little family and love the pictures. Good luck to Casey and hope he makes the team.
Pam & Callie

Meghan said...

Hi Jenny -
I am just so thrilled to read your blogs and keep up with the great adventures you, your family and team. My daughter and I were able to see the team play in Ft. Worth back in June. However, as you know, the autograph session was cut short due to the great fire from the fireworks. What a site, and boy were those girls upset. I don't think Emily took a breath the entire ride home she cried so hard.
However, I think I may be back in her good graces :) as we will attend your camp in October. Whew...I aim to please. She makes me so proud as a mom to see how well she handles herself and really listens to you and your teammates on everything. You are such a positive role model for all of these young ladies and I admire you for that. Ace is very lucky to have a mom like you. Your morals and standards are amazing!
THANK YOU! It is so wonderful to have that these days.
Good luck in Beijing and we'll be watching! Bring home the gold and have a great time.
Meghan Trevino

Anonymous said...

that had to be a fun bus ride and airplane ride!! i hope u the best in china!! God bless